Logistics Management

Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, Installations and Logistics, Logistics Plans, Policies, and Strategic Mobility Division

Sabel Systems began to support the USMC Logistics Distribution Policy Branch (LPD) and its management of material distribution, passenger transportation programs, associated traffic management systems, Second Destination Transportation (SDT) finance and metrics efforts and initiatives. Team Sabel provided draft policy guidance, studied current programs and made program improvement recommendations, performed database development and analysis, and developed new on-line computer-based training courses, performed information management, and technical services in support of the Marine Corps’ transportation and distribution policy, and transportation finance efforts.

As part of this effort, Sabel Systems saw the need for a definitive cargo In-Transit Visibility (ITV) Strategy, which was lacking from a Marine Corps enterprise standpoint. Team Sabel then led the way on a project to draft a brandnew USMC ITV Strategy. The effort was a success, and well received by the entire Marine Corps supply-chain community. The Marine Corps ITV Strategy will serve as a baseline document from which a Marine Corps Order on ITV is written.

Additionally, Sabel Systems provided Automated Information Services support to LPD in the following areas: strategic planning, functional advocacy support (material distribution, unit move, passenger, and personal property) and requirements development. This support included assistance to the LPD Commercial Transportation Systems Analyst by attending meetings and supporting the analyst as required.

Sabel Systems also identified source systems for supply, transportation, and billing metrics data to facilitate an end -to-end distribution pipeline cost analysis, conducted data mapping, and developed a data collection plan, which optimally centralized all data into a single data mining report. The data report was used to track expenditures and to assist in a bulk obligation process. Additionally, Sabel identified potential enhancements to metrics gathering and reporting processes. The client validated Sabel’s results and modified the contract to add an additional full-time employee.

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