International Affairs

Over the last five (5) years, Sabel Systems has become a trusted resource and vital partner in fostering USG relationships abroad. In support of USG security interests, Sabel Systems provides Program & Financial Management, Process Improvement and Training Support for International Programs. We have developed a multitude of skills and a specialized knowledge base by supporting International Affairs across the Defense Security Cooperation Agency including Comptroller International Programs, Comptroller Department of Defense (DoD) Programs, Financial Policy & Analysis (FPA) and Security Assistance & Equipping (SA&E) Directorates. Sabel Systems has developed tools for managing a diversified portfolio of International Programs financed by various sources including an international partner's national funds (FMS), DoD appropriated funding (Building Partner Capacity (BPC), Foreign Military Financing (FMF) Programs, or more specialized funding programs such as Dependable Undertaking and Leasing programs. Specific successes include:
  • Overseas Security Assistance (SA) Visits: On behalf of the Chief, US Liaison Office and Senior Defense Official/Defense Attaché American Embassy, Abu Dhabi, reviewed cost and service parities provided by the Diplomatic Support Division (DSD) against those provided by the International Cooperative Administrative Support Services (ICASS) Contract. Investigations were requested to identify viable low cost alternatives for administrative support to diplomatic consular posts overseas.
  • FMS Case Life-cycle: Management and financial reconciliation of DSCA Managed Cases for the Office of Military Cooperation – Kuwait, and Taiwan. Sabel Systems also leads a “Tiger Team” established to work in close conjunction with the OPM – Saudi Arabia National Guard (SANG) to reconcile and close logistically complete SANG Cases.
  • Process Improvement: In Coordination with the Foreign Procurement Group, an organization of representatives at 17 foreign embassies in Washington D.C., Sabel Systems addresses challenges facing the SA Community, and develops solutions addressing our Partner Nations’ top priorities for FMS Program improvement.
  • International Program Reviews: Support to Kuwait and Lebanon Financial Management Reviews, and CENTCOM Program Management Reviews.
  • DoD Funded International Program/Financial Management: BPC Program Management including Ministry of Defense Advisors, 2282, Counterterrorism Partnerships Fund, 1206, Maritime Security Initiative/South China Sea Initiative and Global Security Contingency Fund portfolios.
  • SA Community Training: Development of courseware and facilitation of courses for the financial community responsible for International Affairs and SA.
  • Development of briefings, point papers, & memorandums for the record signed by senior DoD Officials and used in correspondence with Foreign Military Leadership and International Dignitaries across every Combatant Command (COCOM).
  • Sabel Systems Team members have previous experience managing complex international programs across the world and have hosted multi-nation OCONUS conferences on politically sensitive issues. Technical skills and an understanding of International law and USG regulation, coupled with an understanding of culture and social awareness are key elements to our demonstrated success in International Affairs.