Homeland Security

In 2016, Sabel Systems developed the capability to utilize the information stored in Explosives Detection System (EDS) Field Data Reporting System (FDRS) reports to provide operational reporting and metrics for the entire Transportation Security Administration (TSA) EDS fleet. Sabel Systems team members have previous experience with EDS manufacturers and are keenly aware of the abundant analysis possibilities provided by FDRS data. Sabel Systems worked with TSA’s Operations Improvement Branch to deliver this business intelligence capability using TSA’s own Security Technology Integrated Program (STIP). STIP is an agency-wide Enterprise Management System that provides a centralized focal point connecting passenger and baggage screening security technologies to one network. Sabel designed a database schema to optimize performance and built a reporting framework using the IBM Cognos platform. The operational reporting tool is capable of delivering analyses and reports such as:
  • Tracking the operational impact of deploying new detection algorithms and a breakdown of the threat types identified by the EDS machines to help inform the opportunity and expected results of proposed Concept of Operations (CONOPS) changes.
  • Performing monthly evaluation of On Screen Resolution (OSR) operator performance nationwide.
  • Providing a true understanding of operational capability by delivering EDS alarm rate, OSR clear rate, and throughput analyses at the airport, bag zone, EDS model and individual machine level.
  • Evaluating completeness and validation of the raw reports delivered by the EDS original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
The tool provides data management and data analytics in a user-friendly web-based platform and allows TSA’s own designated personnel to create and run reports as needed. Sabel Systems is also integrating data from multiple TSA data sources such as Contract Status Accounting Report (CSAR) and Government Property Management (GPM) to provide a comprehensive view of the EDS install base. Future development plans include adding information from the Performance Information Management System (PIMS) and Enhanced Staffing Model (ESM) to provide enhanced multi-variable analytics. The tool also provides graphical reporting of operational performance characteristics as well as dashboarding of specific data elements and can be completely customized to meet the user’s needs.