Automation of Logistics

Today, the United States Air Force (USAF) relies on time-consuming processes and manual activities to reconcile Accountable Property System of Record (APSR) sub-ledger details to the financial statement line items and reconciling lower level systems to the applicable APSR to enable Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) compliance. 10 USC 2222 requires that defense business systems’ architecture, accountability, and modernization complies with all Federal accounting, financial management, and reporting requirements. The logistics and financial management communities within the military departments and DoD agencies require with meeting the Universe of Transactions (UoT) audit requirements in relation to the Financial Improvement Audit Readiness/Remediation (FIAR) mandates. There is not a robust solution in a production environment for the UoT Infrastructure that houses both the accountable financial and logistics transaction(s) from the AFWCF and AF GF in support of FIAR reconciliation. Currently, disparate legacy systems and associated manual processes create an environment which lends itself to un-auditable financial data often void of pertinent transaction information. This financial data is needed for financial reporting accuracy and completeness. The lack of complete, accurate, reliable, timely and integrated auditable logistics operation financial information hinders the logistician and financial manager’s ability to provide accurate and reliable decision support and meet agency auditability requirements. Sabel developed an automated Logistics Universe of Transactions (UoT) solution for AFMC/FM, SAF/FM, DFAS, and AFSC users. The Log UoT solution includes a hosting platform on Hanscom milCloud (HmC) and performing software development on Audit Command Language (ACL)/Galvanize software to perform the financial reconciliations against the APSR and GL data from Air Force, DLA, and DFAS systems. Reconciliation activities in the Universe of Transactions (UoT) including reconciling systems detail transactions to their respective summary level financial statement line items (aka. Bottom up Reconciliation) and Quantitative Drill Down (QDD) reconciliations which reconcile from the Air Force financial statement summary line items down to the subsidiary systems transactions (aka. Top Down Reconciliation). The overall goal of the UoT/QDD Reconciliations is to identify errors at various levels of the organization for correction and substantiate any adjustments to the financial statements. The Sabel Systems team designed, developed, and delivered both the file repository solution and the financial reconciliation software solution that enables the delivery of an automated Logistics UoT solution forthe Air Force.
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